Developing Leaders

Undergraduate Studies

Do all 18-year-olds know what they want to do? Some do. For everyone else, Undergraduate Studies is the ideal starting place to explore the many options. Offering an innovative combination of career counseling and academic advising, as well as interdisciplinary small seminars for freshmen, UT has become a national model in supporting students at multiple points during their academic career.

Recent graduate Bradley Worsham spent four semesters in Undergraduate Studies before transferring into the McCombs School of Business. Through the encouragement of his adviser and an inspiring freshman interest group on entrepreneurship, he chose an area of study, completed his degree and is now working at a major investment bank.

“It was an exceptional opportunity,” Worsham said. “It gave me some time to explore all of my interests and decide to further pursue finance. The advisers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and the overall atmosphere is one of support.”

Those who receive a leg up through philanthropic support aren’t the only ones who benefit. They in turn challenge and inspire their peers, and a virtuous circle forms as more and more individuals are able to follow their dreams and change the world.