Thank You

Based on a bold vision, the university embarked on a historic campaign to raise $3 billion, an amount unprecedented in the state of Texas.

In September 2008, only a month prior to publicly announcing the campaign, the nation faced the beginning of economic turmoil and a global financial crisis. The university forged ahead.

With only one year left and still 25 percent of the goal remaining, the task seemed insurmountable.

But Longhorn Nation rallied its support.

Total Raised In The Campaign For Texas
Chart shows programs 68%, facilities 15%, students 13%, faculty4%

Far more than a number, the Campaign for Texas was about how supporting people, places, and our purpose can transform the educational experience and create a lasting legacy of excellence. We thank you for making this possible.


Continuing our commitment to the core of the university: our students and faculty

At the heart of our university are the people — the students and the faculty — who step onto campus from around the world and from different backgrounds to share a singular experience. They come to The University of Texas to learn, to share, to ask questions, to solve problems, and to grow.

Because of You

We raised:
in student support
in faculty support
We created:
student scholarship and support endowments
new faculty research and support endowments




Creating the space necessary to inspire learning, foster collaboration, and explore opportunities

Whether on the Forty Acres or in the greater community, the places where our students learn and develop are critically important. They deserve access to the best facilities, tools, and resources to nurture their passions.

During the past eight years, the campus landscape has welcomed the development of modern buildings, and technology has provided students new ways of learning and engaging with each other and their professors. Beyond the campus walls, our students have gained unique opportunities to travel to places near and far to gain experiences and perspectives that can’t be taught in the classroom.

On the UT campus

Upgraded Facilities

Along with impressive renovations and upgrades of existing facilities across the Forty Acres, UT constructed new buildings where they were needed the most. Each was designed specifically to enhance learning and the student experience.

  • The AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center hosts students, faculty and campus visitors with unique, state-of-the-art conference facilities.
  • The Belo Center for New Media provides interactive classrooms and meeting space for students in the Moody College of Communication and houses the KUT Public Media Studios.
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex, which includes …

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Arts and Humanities

The arts have flourished at UT, benefiting not only students but everyone who enjoys and appreciates a diverse offering of music, theater, dance, and visual art.

The Butler School of Music, named early in the campaign for generous longtime benefactors Ernest and Sarah Butler, has risen steadily in stature, joining the elite company of top music schools and conservatories. Texas Performing Arts also has grown and prospered, offering new initiatives like the Student Ticket Fund, which enables students to attend eclectic world-class performances at low cost. …

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New Ways to Learn

UT students are learning more than ever, and they are doing it in new and exciting ways. Technology plays a major role, but in some cases it’s a matter of simply thinking about fresh ways to teach and learn.

Smart classrooms offer the latest in instructional technology. In some classes students can use their smartphones to engage with the lesson, enabling teachers to ask questions, gather responses, and display them in real-time. They know immediately whether students understand course materials and grasp complex concepts. Such a system inspires active learning, promotes discussion, uncovers misconceptions …

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Beyond the Forty Acres

Projects for Underserved Communities

The Cockrell School of Engineering is working to solve global challenges while giving students real-world experience.

In 2009, the college collaborated with the International Office and the School of Social Work to launch Projects for Underserved Communities (PUC), a course in which students apply their engineering skills to technical challenges in rural …

White House Internship

Damilola Olatayo thought she was going to die when she contracted malaria at age 11. But unlike many others in her native Nigeria, her family had access to health care.

She regained her health, and with it a determination to help others who don’t have that access. Fast-forward a few years, and her plans to pursue a career in global medicine were on the …

Project Collaborate

A modest public service idea has grown into an important tool for improving health awareness for thousands of Texans. Project Collaborate began as a way for College of Pharmacy student organizations to combine their varied outreach efforts to populations with limited resources, lack of insurance, or language barriers. Students hone their clinical skills through such efforts while helping others. …


Solving the important issues of our time while developing future leaders to do the same

We say What Starts Here Changes the World, and we mean it. As a top-tier public research institution, we are responsible for helping to answer major questions impacting the globe and beyond. But that’s not all. We have a profound responsibility to ensure that our students come out of their university experience with the same desire, drive, and know-how to continue this tradition.


Developing Leaders

Undergraduate Studies

Do all 18-year-olds know what they want to do? Some do. For everyone else, Undergraduate Studies is the ideal starting place to explore the many options. Offering an innovative combination of career counseling and academic advising, as well as interdisciplinary small seminars for freshmen, UT has become a national model in supporting students at multiple points during their academic career. …

Freshman Research Initiative

“If you had told me in high school that in two years I would be doing top-of-the-line, cutting-edge research in astrophysics, I would have called you a liar,” said computer science major Sean Moorhead, a participant in UT’s enormously successful Freshman Research Initiative, or FRI.

FRI is turning students like Moorhead into …

Dell Medical School

With the opening of Dell Medical School, UT has the unique opportunity to train the next generation of doctors in a new model of patient-centered health care.

“We want to train students to care for people and communities, not just treat diseases,” said the school’s founding dean, Dr. Clay Johnston. …


Dear Longhorn Family,

With awe and admiration I thank you for your tremendous investment in this university during the Campaign for Texas. This report represents a mere fraction of the advancements you have helped us make on our campus and the lives you have forever changed. Every college, school, and unit has benefited from your steadfast generosity. We’ve upgraded facilities to meet the demands of our new technologically advanced society, provided full scholarships to first-generation college students, recruited some of the world’s greatest minds, and strived to answer some of the most pressing questions of our time. Because of you we have been able to create an unparalleled academic and research experience on the Forty Acres.

My heart is filled with thanks for every member of the Longhorn family — individuals, foundations, associations, and corporations — who helped us. Especially, I thank three devoted alumni — Kenny Jastrow, who chaired the campaign, and Charles Tate and Libba Massey, who served as its co-vice chairs. These and hundreds of thousands more made the campaign a success.

When I announced this campaign more than six years ago amid global financial collapse, I did so knowing that one thing was certain — we owed it to future generations of students to ensure that The University of Texas at Austin remained a university of the first class. Because of you, we successfully completed this campaign. We will feel the impact of these changes for years to come. What starts here truly changes the world. And this time, that change has started with you. Thank you.

Hook ’em, Bill Powers